Frame Vernacular

A list of historic sites in the Frame Vernacular style.

James & Marie Murph House

Mr. James and Marie Murph moved to Boynton Beach in the 1930’s. At that time, 13th Ave. was an unsurfaced dirt path. Mr. Murph worked at a lumber yard where he had access to sawdust which he used to surface 13th Ave. and other neighborhood streets. Mr. Murph also built a house for his mother on NE 13th Ave.

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Rebecca J. Clay House

The Rebecca J. Clay House was located at 240 NE 13th Ave. The small Frame Vernacular structure was a typical example of many of the early home in the neighborhood.

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330 NE 12th Ave.

Wood siding, wood trim, louvered gable vent, front stoop. Attached wood frame carport with vertical wood siding and wood trim.

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