Bride of Christ Tabernacle

Bride of Christ Tabernacle

Bride of Christ Tabernacle

202 NE 11th Ave.

Originally known as the Church of God, the church building was built c.1940 at 202 NE 11th Ave. It was a wood frame and stucco building with a gable roof covered with asphalt shingles. The north elevation contained a small rectangular entrance porch with a gable roof and wood paneled doors with semi-circular decorative glazed lights. The windows to the north and south elevations were wood frame rounded arch fixed windows. The windows to the east and west elevations were rectangular single-hung aluminum windows with a 6/6 lighting configuration. Decorative detailing was limited to faux quoins and a decorative vent to the front elevation.

Bride of Christ Tabernacle interior looking southBride of Christ Tabernacle interior looking south

Internally, the church building had a wood floor, textured stucco walls, and a car siding ceiling. Decorative features included carved wooden roof beams, columns, cornices, and baseboards. The building retained the original wooden doors and ceiling fans and contained carved wooden pews and a pulpit area.

To the rear of the church building was a school/meeting building that was constructed c.1950. This building was of concrete block and stucco construction with a shallow-pitched gable roof, a wood entry door and rectangular single-hung windows with aluminum frames and an 8/8 lighting configuration. This building had a plain interior with a concrete tiled floor and stucco walls. Helen D. Sloan operated a kindergarten from this building in 1957.

The church appears to have had several names throughout the years including the Church of God, the Church of Christ, Assembly of the Voice of the 7th Angel, and its current name the Bride of Christ Tabernacle.

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